How to Enhance your Hallway and Staircase

Making changes to our homes has been incredibly popular over the last 18 months as many of us have been stuck inside and unable to travel. Research has found that in 2020 almost two-thirds (65%) of homeowners invested in renovations at home. There are obviously lots of different areas where changes could be made, and this could be anything from adding new furniture or repainting the walls (as we have all learnt the importance of having a nice background for video calls) to larger renovation projects.

One area of the home which often does not get as much attention is the hallway and staircase. It can often be forgotten about when compared to rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. But there are some fantastic things you can do with this space and really make it feel like part of your home that fits in with other rooms. Below are some different ideas for you to consider that could help enhance your hallway and staircase.

New flooring

When looking at a space like a hallway or a staircase, it’s hard not to think about flooring. Installing some new flooring can dramatically change any area, but the difference can be enormous in a hallway. There are two things you need to consider when changing the flooring in your hallway.

Firstly, what material you will be using. You need to remember that this is an area that will likely have a large amount of wear as people will be coming into your home and stepping on this floor. For this reason, many people choose a tile rather than carpet or wood, which can stain easily. Ceramic tiles can work but are also at risk of cracking or chipping with lots of people walking over them. Luxury vinyl tile flooring work brilliantly for hallways as they’re highly durable but also easy to clean.

The second aspect to consider is the flooring style. If you have a traditional home, then there are lots of different traditional tile flooring patterns you can install, even using modern materials such as vinyl. If you wanted to go for a wood style, using vinyl to create a parquet flooring pattern is a great option that works really well. In a more modern home, vinyl can also be used to create a stone or abstract effect with a wide variety of colours and tones to fit in with your home.

Smart storage

Clutter is something we all have to deal with at home, and our hallways can be an area where this is particularly problematic. Shoes, bags, and coats call all pile up in and even start making their way up the stairs if space is tight. The best solution to this is to add some smart storage. Finding the solution that works best for you is crucial. If you can add some storage under your stairs, this can be a fantastic way to take advantage of some unused space and create something that benefits you daily. If you don’t have this option, look into compact shoe storage options that can be placed in your hallway or even in other rooms to help keep your hallway and staircase tidy and looking their best.

Art and photos

We all have our own unique style when it comes to decorating our homes, but most of us like to have some photos or art on our walls to break up a large amount of colour. Adding this to hallways and particularly staircases can work brilliantly. Having some photos you love on the wall going up the side of your stairs can transform an often blank and dull wall into a real feature of your home.


While seating may not be the first thing you think of when talking about a hallway, it can be really useful! Not only does it give you somewhere to sit and put shoes on, but it can also really enhance an area that can sometimes feel a bit empty. If you have the storage you need and don’t want to add something like a plant or table just for the sake of filling some space, why not consider a chair or bench. This can become a real feature of your home, particularly if you choose something bold like a chesterfield chair or a vintage bench. As with all furniture, choosing the correct colour is important so take your time to find something that fits with the rest of your hallway and staircase area. As this is likely to be the only piece of furniture in the area, having a bold colour that doesn’t fit in will make it very noticeable.

Overall, your hallway and staircase can be a great space in your home with the right love and attention. Hopefully, the areas mentioned above can help you if you’re thinking about making some changes to your hallway and staircase space.