Thank you for checking out my blog I bought this site a few years ago to turn it into a blog consisting of everything from Home improvement, to setting your place up the right way for after the date. If you are looking for a 100% business focused blog then this is not going to be a satisfying read for you.

As someone who just got into their 30’s I have owned a home for the past few years along with being single. I use this as my platform to talk about the things that interest me whether it’s what I like to do in between projects, and how I manage to raise a child on my own. What I really love though is finding small ways to upgrade and make my home more comfortable. My name is Alicia Katrell and I love what I do which is why I hope you love my blog.

If you simply just want advice when it comes to normal lifestyle options then go and click on that Home button and start reading away.

Advertising is an option so feel free to reach out to me anytime through email to [email protected]

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