How to Make the Most of Your Garden Space

As we enter the refreshing season of spring with the hopes of a restriction free summer on our minds, now is the time to spruce up our gardens for the endless stream of outdoor parties we’ll inevitably throw to make up for lost time.

Whether it’s a barbecue for the hot summer evenings to come or an outdoor kid’s party, ensuring your garden space is in the best possible condition for any event is essential. Don’t know where to start? Stick around for our top tips!

Go High or Go Home 

Using height is a wonderful way to make good use of your garden – it takes up less space whilst still giving you endless options when it comes to shed choices, plants, decor etc.

Opt for a tall shed, rather than a wide one – this still gives you plenty of storage space without compromising too much of your garden. This Apex Timber Shed from Two Wests is both attractive and practical, giving you all the space you need to store your garden tools and equipment in a safe and neat place.

Hang it Up

The walls and fences of your garden are perfect spaces for your plants and flowers to grow, so invest in hanging baskets as opposed to having them placed on the ground around your garden.

Hanging plants, flowers and herb pots adorning the walls not only saves ground space but also adds a striking vertical element to your garden.

Keeping your shed as the focal point with hanging baskets encircling it adds to the design and aesthetic of your garden whilst taking up very little space, allowing you to do much more with your outdoor sanctuary.

Add Some Purpose

Using multipurpose furniture may be one of the oldest tricks in the book – but it’s nothing if not practical.

Whether it’s benches that double up as storage boxes, or grilling tables that are perfect for both dining and cooking on, there’s plenty of clever and functional furniture ideas you could use to make the most of your garden space.

You may find that investing in a storage box is ideal for extra storage if you find your shed isn’t enough – and can also be used as a social area for your garden. Add some padding on top and throw on a few cushions to sit back and relax on a bright summer evening with family and friends.

Less is Always More

Whether you have a small or even slightly larger garden, making the most of your space always presents a challenge.

We all have an idea of the many things we’d like in our gardens but narrowing down the list and sticking to the basics is vital if you don’t want your space to look too busy or cluttered.

Your garden is your outdoor haven, so ensuring the space is suited to your needs without being too overwhelming is essential. Consider the elements you truly want and simplify a scheme – you’ll still have a heavenly space that’s family friendly and ideal for any function.

Ready to start working on your garden? Let us know which of these tips you’ll be using!