Top Problems And Disadvantages With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to the widespread development and use of automated technologies in a wide variety of contexts including manufacturing, phone call intaking, as well as order processing and checking out. This has led many to assume that AI is on the rise and the future of productivity, which in many cases it is as a recent survey through CallCare was able to find. But the widespread use and development of AI has also created several problems and disadvantages for various businesses and business owners for a variety of reasons. These problems and disadvantages with artificial intelligence are briefly discussed below so that business owners can strategize around these and make sure they do not fall to the same disadvantages and falls as other groups and organizations.

Problem 1 – Leaving People On Hold For Too Long

One of the most frustrating elements for consumers is having to wait on the phone for long periods of time to connect with someone to speak to. Even more frustrating is having to go through listening and inputting an endless amount of options through voice prompts that seem to go on forever just to ask a simple question in many cases. THis has led many to develop a strong disdain for these types of services and take steps to avoid having to go through them, making the investment much less worthwhile for organizations.

Problem 2 – Incorrectness Or Errors Within The System

Artificial Intelligence is great when it works as intended but can create a substantial number of problems when it does not. One of the most notable examples with this is with the use of AI in self driving cars and their inability to recognize relatively simple factors such as the fact that people may not always cross at crosswalks and instead may j walk from time to time. The errors and problems that can exist with AI while in use can greatly take away from its productivity and effectiveness.

Problem 3 – Constant Costs and Investment

Artificial Intelligence is not always the cheapest and most affordable to obtain, particularly in cutting edge industries that require the top and latest up to date technology. One artificial intelligence is obtained, it will most certainly require updating and improvement shortly thereafter which will come with a considerable number of costs. Furthermore, the usefulness of this technology may be significantly diminished with the rise of new technology that comes out shortly thereafter. As a result, it is important to determine whether or not certain AI options are worth the costs or not.


These are just some of the brief problems and disadvantages that come with the use of AI in many different business contexts. Many are advocating that AI should be used when it is needed and avoided when it is not. This is usually dependent on the particular type of business and the various contexts through which it operates. Know of any other problems or disadvantages with the use of AI? Let us know down below!