The Impact And Importance Of Sustainable Energy

There are many reasons why sustainable energy is being looked at for the future as traditional energy resources have proven to be unsustainable and substantially impacting on our environment. There are a variety of new directions that this can take in terms of impact on our communities that are important to keep in mind and there are several different aspects of sustainable energy that should be kept in mind when considering the topic. The following are some of the main myths and facts associated with sustainable energy courtesy of Douglas Healy, Attorney At Law.

Myth – Sustainable Energy Always Good For Environment

Some believe that the use of clean energy, such as the use of electric cars, is a clean solution to cars that drive using traditional fossil fuels. While this is true in the direct consumption of energy, there is still a significant amount of environmental impact associated with the environmental practices of producing the lithium batteries that electric cars use to operate. Another example is with the use of hydraulic fracking to extract natural gas from shale rock underground as a more sustainable energy resource only to find that drinking water and environments are substantially damaged as a result of this extraction. It is important to keep in mind that simply because one energy resource is more sustainable than another does not mean that it is sustainable overall

Myth – Sustainable Energy Always Costs More

Some believe that the use of sustainable energy typically costs more because it involves bringing in new technologies or processes that are often times more expensive and require more attention. While newer technology may cost more and it may cost some amount to upgrade standards and practices to be more environmentally friendly, it is also true that the use of sustainable energy can save costs in the long run. The use of solar or wind energy, when used properly, is guaranteed to save costs in the long run and this means that costs are saved in the long run as opposed to costing more.

Fact – Environmental Changes Are Reaching A Tipping Point

The use and misuse of environmental resources is beginning to have a substantial impact on the environment in a variety of different ways. Increases in temperatures as well as substantial changes to ecosystems are taking place on a regular basis and this has become concerning to people in many different regards. Unless changes are made, these environmental impacts are likely to continue and increase in severity which is one reason why there is so much discussion and focus on sustainable energy.


Sustainable energy is a highly discussed topic at the present moment with many different thoughts and ideas as to how to best approach the subject. It is important to keep in mind some of the main myths and facts associated with sustainable energy in order to be able to use the information wisely and effectively; whether or business or personal use. Know of any other myths or facts associated with sustainable energy? Let us know down below!