How to Set the Scene in Your Own Home

Your home is bound to be the setting for many important events in your life and the lives of your family and friends. You’ve probably already decorated it exactly how you like it and with everything you could need, but what about those special events that need a little something extra? You could take the usual route of getting a few banners and balloons but if you really want to make an impression and create events to remember, look into investing in home automation. Here’s what it offers…

Mood Lighting

One of the key aspects of interior design is choosing the right lighting for each room, as it can have a transformative effect on its overall feel. For example, in a lounge area it’s nice to have the option of dimmed lighting for relaxing in the evenings or brighter lights for the daytime when the room is used for playing or working. Kitchens benefit from spotlights as they maximise vision in certain areas, for example the sink so that you can make sure dishes are clean, or work surfaces where you’re using knives, to avoid accidents. Home Automation Specialists in the UK can help you to create the perfect display in every room, which you can also control remotely.

Home automation also allows you to dim your kitchen lights if you have an open plan kitchen/diner and you want to mask any kitchen mess while you and your guests enjoy dinner, or if you want to create a show home vibe if you have a beautifully designed kitchen. Romantic lighting is a must in the bedroom and when it comes to kid’s bedrooms it’s fun to be able switch between different colours or brightness to help them to sleep.


Music is essential if you’re hosting a party or event, as it helps you to set the tone. For example, if you’re having an elegant dinner party you can play some gentle background music or if you’re having a kid’s party you can blast their favourite songs. A home automation system allows you to play and change music throughout your home, from a single switch. An excellent audio system also allows you to watch films and feel like you’re in a real cinema.


Not only does home automation provide cinema standard visual technology, allowing you and your family to have or host spectacular movie nights, but there are other benefits too. Having a centralised system of screens means that you can put on a slide show of candid photos during a birthday or retirement party or host a training day to get extra brownie points at work.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to investing in home automation; it allows you to set the perfect scene for almost any event held in your home, whether it’s an evening in with a loved one, a family day, or an all singing all dancing party with everyone you know. You’ll soon be known as the ultimate host as well as having created a home that your family love spending time in. For more home design tips, has great articles such as how to make concrete look new, so that you can join in with this trendy new flooring style.