Best Material for Exterior Window Shutters

Advantages of Composite PVC Shutters

Purchasing new outside window shutters is one way to make your home’s exterior look more attractive. You can buy composite exterior shutters that are durable and attractive. These shutters are made from a type of PVC known as Versatex. They are reinforced with stainless steel and will not be damaged by harsh weather. Heavy rain and extreme heat will not damage Versatex shutters. They look like wood exterior shutters, but they will not warp or rot.

Choosing a Style

Several types of Versatex outdoor shutters are available, and you will need to carefully study your home’s exterior to see what type of shutter will look best. A house built in a Mediterranean or Cape Cod style will look great with board and batten shutters. These exterior shutters for windows have vertical boards and horizontal battens. They can be purchased with four boards and two battens or with three boards and three battens. Shutters that have raised panels will add a charming touch to your home if it is built in a Greek Revival or Colonial style.

You can also order these composite shutters with cutouts. Shutters can be purchased with standard or customized cutouts. If you are ordering a customized cutout, you can send the company a drawing of the cutout you want.

Choosing a Color

Versatex exterior house shutters come in a number of colors. Look at your home’s exterior to see what color will suit your house and create the look you want. You will want shutters that look appropriate with the colors that are already on the exterior of your home. Common colors for exterior window shutters include green, red, blue, brown and gray. If your want to home to appear larger, you can choose a pale color such as alabaster or light gray. You can make your windows look larger if you purchase shutters that are the same color as your window trim.

Shutters in dark green, dark blue and dark brown are available for those who want shutters in dark colors. You can also choose colors in medium shades. Maroon and burgundy shutters are available for people who want to add a touch of red to their home’s exterior. If the exact color you want is not available, you may be able to choose a custom color. You will find it helpful to examine color swatches in the sunlight to get an idea of how the colors will look on your house.

Purchase and Installation

If you want to examine Versatex exterior shutters before your final purchase, you might be able to order a sample shutter. The price of these shutters may give you the impression they are cheap exterior shutters, but you will be able to tell how durable they are when you examine one of the shutters.

You will need to measure your windows before you place your final order for shutters. Custom shutters are available. Companies can send you a detailed drawing that shows the custom shutter in full scale. This gives you an opportunity to see what the final product will look like before manufacturing begins. If you are only replacing a few shutters, companies can manufacture shutters to match the ones that already on your house.

You may be able to receive your shutters a few days after you place the order.

The final step in improving your home’s appearance with Versatex shutters is installing them. You can purchase hardware for installation at the same time you purchase the shutters. The shutters can be fastened to the house with hinges or screws.

You will be amazed at the way these shutters transform your home.

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