Some Tips to Pack Boxes for the ove

Are you shifting your house from one place to another? If yes, then you will have to move everything and every object of your house along with you, isn’t it. But it is not possible to fit household material or object in a box. Thus, you need the number of packing boxes according to the items you have. With plenty of boxes as well as little organization you can easily pack everything and move peacefully.  Fragile and valuable item is needed to be packed with extra protection. To make your packing work easy and less time consuming here are some procedure and tips given to pack boxes.

How to organize the boxes?

It is necessary that you start packing two to three weeks before the move. Packing takes a long time so starting as early as possible is best. Plan to pack materials of each room per day can make your work easier. Also, decide how many numbers of boxes you are going to pack each day. If you plan your work will be completed before the period of the move.

Before you start packing, you may buy the appropriate number of boxes as well as the appropriate size of boxes. You can get the packing boxes at hardware stores, office supply stores as well as at post offices. What all things you will require to pack the item are given below-

  • Packing tape for the boxes
  • For wrapping valuables, you need masking tape
  • Packing paper or packing peanuts for padding
  • Bubble wrap needed for the fragile object
  • For wrapping toiletries plastic wrap is the need
  • Marker for labeling

The number of boxes needed can be determined on the basis of square footage of your home. No simple way is known determine the number of boxes needed and the best option is to have enough boxes. If the area of the home is 700 to 900 feet, then you will need 15 small, 13 medium and six extra large boxes will be needed. If the area is 900 to 1200 feet hen get 21 small boxes, 19 medium box as well as ten large as well as 6 XL boxes. For 1200 to 1600 feet area you will need 21 small, ten large, 19 medium as well as six extra large boxes. Lastly, for 1800 feet area you will need 35 small box, 33 medium as well as 19 large box and 11 XL boxes.

In addition, buying the number of boxes, other thing needed to keep in mind is that get sturdy boxes for packing. Newer boxes you buy must have the sturdy double wall. Make sure there are no tears, rips as well as the stain on the boxes. If you try packing items in the old rip boxes, then it may cause damage to your item when you carry them on the vehicle. Also if you hire the movers, then they may refuse to load the boxes that are stained, torn or rip Make sure you seal and close every box. After sealing, you can label the boxes and this way you can find every item easily. How to assemble flattened box?

You need to open the collapsed box for that you need to pull out sides into the square. Now turn over the box. Keep the item inside the boxes and close the two small flaps and then fold other two large flaps over it and put the packing tape along the edge to seal the box. Make sure you close the upper flaps of the box only after it is packed as well as ready to get closed. To seal the flaps use one piece of the tape and make the tape run from one end to other of the box.

You must save the large boxes for the larger objects and small boxes for heavy objects. If you fill the heavy object in a large box, then it will become hard to move it. Thus, put the objects like computer parts, books, etc. in small boxes. It will be easy to move small boxes having heavy object more efficiently. In large boxes, you can keep light items like clothing, blanket as well as stuffed toys.

How to separate the items needed to be packed?

First of all, create a list of rooms to be packed and the item in each room that needed to be packed. Example-go to a bedroom and write the names of the item to be packed like- frames, lamps, books, linen, etc. also before you start packing the items you need to decide which item is to be packed with other items. It will be good if you separate the similar items and pack them together. If you pack similar things together, then it will be easily to find things after the move.  

Separate the items before you put them in the box. Example- keeps all the lamps together and groups the notebooks, novels, binders together as they are all books. Do not mix up the things like putting the books from the living books along with the books of the bedroom. Do not mix similar things in different rooms. As this will difficult the task of arranging things after the move. Know that you know how to estimate the number of boxes you require as well as how to separate things, you can easily pack boxes and make a move to new places.

It will be easy for you to pack boxes if you make pre-plan everything. If you don’t follow the tips and the steps given above, then you will end up mixing the objects and it will be difficult for you to search objects after the move. Not to forget to label the boxes with the name of the objects inside it. Labeling will help you know whether all the boxes are transferred from your old home to new home or some are missing. It will be easy for the movers and you to move objects if you pack them well.