Pros and Cons of Living in the South

When people think about the southern states in the United States, the images that come to mind are usually sweet tea, houses with long patios, and thick accents. While living in the South might have its cultural charms, there certainly are a few drawbacks too. According to an article on, people who live in the South are the least healthy in the United States on average. However, it isn’t all bad, as there are some of the prettiest landscapes and friendliest people in the South. This list will cover some of the pros and cons of living in the South.


Southern Cuisine. Comfort food like fried chicken, fried okra, peach pies, and sweet tea are just a few of the delicious things that life in the South has to offer. While it’s true that much of the cuisine isn’t exactly healthy, there’s no doubt that it’s some of the tastiest. If you’re thinking about moving to this part of the country, you’ll definitely find an endless number of options your taste buds are sure to approve of.

Nature and Open Space. The landscapes in the southern region of the country tend to be very picturesque, with everything from lush hills and mountains to farmland, swamps, and sparkling lakes. Those who live in the South enjoy a quieter, more peaceful lifestyle that operates at a slower pace, perhaps because of the greater abundance of open space than, for example, what a resident of New York City might experience. This is the perfect place to move if you want to enjoy evenings in a rocking chair on the porch. Those looking to relocate to a state like Arkansas will find many Little Rock houses for sale that include large plots of land at a relatively decent price.

Friendly People. There’s no doubt that the South has a reputation for friendly people, especially in the smaller communities, but you can find southern charm even in the larger cities like Birmingham. If you want to live in a neighborhood where people smile, wave, and say hello, the South is a great place for it.


Weather. For every square foot of gorgeous space in states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Louisiana, there is also quite a bit of humidity and extreme weather that can occur throughout the year. The summertime, in particular, can be almost unbearable in some areas when it comes to the heat, and you may have to deal with tropical storms, hurricanes, and/or tornadoes.

Stereotypes. Unfortunately, there are some negative stereotypes that come with the culture in the South. Simply because of accents and/or the slower pace of life, people who live in the 

Everyone Knows Each Other. While there are some advantages to living in a smaller, more tight-knit community, there are disadvantages that come with that. Nosey neighbors, town gossip, and everyone on your street knowing your business can be a downside to living in a state with fewer people. Unlike large cities such as New York or Los Angeles, where everyone is too busy to know your name, small southern towns can put you on everyone’s radar a little too easily.