Moving with Children

Moving can be a challenge for anyone, not only your children. As professional long distance movers say from their experience-some children might be frightened by the prospect of moving. It is easily fixable with your care, guidance and positive attitude. Involve your kids into the process of moving to make it enjoyable for them. It doesn’t really matter what age your children are, clear communication is needed between you and your child, as well as showing respect to their feelings, needs, wishes, moods and actions. Moving can become an unforgettable experience, but getting your child involved and having clear communication with them can help smooth over any uneasy feelings and frustration too. 

How to cope with child uneasiness

Once the decision to move is accepted, try to tell your children in a gentle manner as soon as possible. This will give them the necessary time to prepare for the move emotionally and physically. By doing this, your child feels well informed and trusting of you. But also remember, children – especially teens – are ingrained in their social circles, so if they are old enough, allow them to spend as much time as they wish with their friends.

If your children are small or young elementary school students, the idea of moving might be confusing for them. Parents must take responsibility and effort to ease the transition for their child. Use toys or a cheerful story to explain what moving is to comfort the child. Show your children images of the new residence in the internet. One more useful advice is to take your child, whether they are young or a teen, to their new school and community center to meet their future teacher. Take your child to the local mall, library and cinema (if it is possible) to show them the opportunity of the place. 

What you can do to support

Try your best to be as caring and understanding as you can. Moving is extremely stressful for parents when every it’s aspect is on their shoulders. You will be stressed and will show it, but make sure you don’t expose this to your children. Be positive, enthusiastic and spend time with your child, this may relieve some of your stress too. Take time to discuss the questions and concerns with them. While the easy thing to do would be quickly saying, “Everything will be fine,” and keep going doing things on your way, you better pay attention to your kids to make them feel comfort. This will not only help them with the transition but may also strengthen the relationship between you and your child.

It’s perfectly normal for an older child or a teen to rebel and be angered with the fact of the move. They are in a social system that works for them and they don’t want to change anything. Moving somewhere new, especially when switching to a new school, can be difficult for your teen. Instead of arguing with them try to understand their feelings and show they can rely on you. You may have to endure some yelling and crying from your teen, but keep your patience and composure together.

And don’t forget to have your child involved in the moving process, especially with packing and the decision-making process. Reward them with ice-cream, a toy or even some money when they help out. This will make them feel better. Making an easier transition for your child is vital for their comfort and emotional stability. After all, it’s your job as a parent to keep your children happy with some effort and patience.

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