Wallpaper – A Peek at The Current Trends For 2020

There is something both comforting and trendy about wallpapers. We know that they are currently all the rage. One just needs to take a peek at the current lifestyle magazines, check the living rooms in which Netflix or HBO TV series are set or walk in a trendy boutique to realize that. They are after all one of the most versatile tools in the hands of an interior designer. Their ability to redefine a space, set a specific atmosphere is simply unmatched. Yet there is also something a bit nostalgic in the word wallpaper. What comes to mind when we think of this term? Inevitably our memory takes us on a journey back in time.

Maybe it’s the traditional patterns decorating the living rooms of our grandparents’ home, those walls our little hands looked at carefully and explored when we were toddlers. Or maybe we don’t go that far, and we picture instead the hip decade of the 70s, the true golden era of wall coverings. Remember those gaudy colors? Geometric shapes, an old turntable, velvet cushions and the unmistakable 70’s style of a generation that truly broke away from the past.

An environment full of a vintage atmosphere that make us want to take a dip in the past. Amongst the trends emerging in this strange and slightly dystopian 2020, one is clearly the return of vintage décor. Maybe the current times seem so scary that we seek refuge in nostalgia, fact is that the 70s style is making yet another comeback. It is a style that was always defined by very strong colors. Bright yellow, green and turquoise were often used to define the tone, while more understated hues, like black and white, were often discarded. It was a time of big statements, even when it came to colors!

Nothing says ‘70s more than cool vintage wallpapers, which together with the vintage furniture, are obviously also back in fashion. The definition of a “vintage” style implies a more holistic view of each element of furniture in the room. The correct vintage wall décor will define the color code of the environment, but all furniture and accessories need to complement it and it’s very important that they are chosen for their material qualities. We are talking about gloss, glass and leather but also metal and wood. This is very important as objects from that era often used plastic materials and a copious amount of furniture, creating a playful atmosphere that radiated sunshine.

It’s useful to remember that the term “vintage” comes from the French language and it was used initially only to define wine, which had value precisely because it has been aged. The modern meaning has been widened to define a style or an object of another era, rare because no longer in production.

Many lovers of vintage seek authentic, original wallpaper from the 70s but there are a lot of problems with this approach as it’s very difficult to source enough quality rolls from that era, and even if we do, decades of storage have altered their material quality, making the wallpapering paste difficult to stick or presenting hidden mould spores that can make your environment unsafe. It’s much better to take a sensible approach and choose modern wallpaper that accurately portray vintage motifs and pattern.


Another trend that has been emerging in the first few months of 2020 is the desire for summer, blue skies and happiness that is perfectly encapsulated in blue wallpapers. We can safely guess that the weeks of forced quarantine we have all been subjected to in the last few weeks are playing a big role in this trend. As the weather turns, leaving behind the winter and celebrate the arrival of the spring, we all long for the outside world.

Blue skies, the perfect beach, a day spent laying outside and staring at the infinite. There is something extremely calming in a blue wallpaper. It has always been associated with a sense of calm, freedom. It is a colour both sophisticated and soothing and it’s the perfect complement for those seeking a bit of outdoor in the confined space of their home.