Top Spring Cleaning Trends In The UK 2020

Spring is a time for cleaning and freshening up to prepare for the upcoming warm weather and to make up for all of the staying indoors during the winter. There are some cleaning habits that are very popular and trending very strongly in the most recent season that have made the process of spring cleaning both more effective and more affordable. The following are some of the top spring cleaning trends in the UK as of 2020.

Refreshing Wall Colours

Believe it or not, while many might associate spring cleaning with furniture and carpet cleaning, many respondents in a most recent survey indicated that they are more likely to pursue wall colour refreshing more than carpet cleaning or furniture restoration. This shows that wall colouring is a rising trend in spring cleaning and for good reason. Reorganization and decoration of a wall can do wonders in bringing out the elements of a season. This is one reason why refreshing wall colours is a rising trend in spring cleaning as the costs of doing so are becoming more affordable.

Deep Cleaning Bed, Sofa, and Other Furniture

According to survey responses, deep cleaning of furniture is something that can take place maybe once or twice a year for many people. This can make it so that spring is the only time for this to be done. Many take advantage of the spring opportunity by refreshing their furniture to prepare it for the upcoming warm weather seasons.

An Opportunity For Finding Lost Items

There are many times where an item could be misplaced or lost for one reason or another and one of the main advantages that comes with spring cleaning is the opportunity to find these lost items. There have been many stories where items that have been deemed lost for a long period of time have been found and sometimes they are worth a lot or can hold a special value. This is another trend that is taking place with spring cleaning in the UK.


There are many different new trends that are taking place with spring cleaning. Know of any new ones? Let us know down below!