6 DIY Home Improvement Projects To Try Since You’re Home

6 DIY Home Improvement Projects To Try Since You’re Home

At this point, we’ve been at home longer than we hoped for and most of us have completely ran out of things to do. Well, there is no time like the present to try some of those DIY projects you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. Since you have the time, you should really go for it and challenge yourself! You and partner can even team up and create something beautiful for your home. If you guys get tired in the process you can ease sore muscles with CBD balm and keep pushing to the finish line. Let’s check out some great DIY projects you can tackle with all this extra time on your hands. 

Floating Shelves 

This is one of the easier projects that will add some much needed flair to any bare wall space. You can use any type of wood for the shelves, but wood planks with living edges look absolutely amazing and give the shelves more personality. You’ll just need to drill some holes in the wood for the wall mounts to be inserted and use a level to make sure you align everything properly. If you get stuck there are tons of tutorial videos online. 

Crown Molding

Crown molding can be incorporated into any room to give a more elegant feel. It’s also been said to increase your property value, so that’s definitely a good reason to head on over to Home Depot. It’s so much easier than most people think. All you need to do is purchase the trim, paint it your desired color, and then just nail it up for the final touch. A nice tip someone told me is that when you add crown molding to your kitchen it makes it look like the cabinets to the ceiling, making your kitchen have a more expanded look and feel. 


Sometimes we overlook the most basic projects that can transform any space effortlessly. Painting a room can provide a whole new feel because we all know certain colors are attributed with different feelings and vibes. You can paint the whole room, or you can just do a nice accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to insert a nice pop of color that will work to tie the rest of your decor together. Another great idea is to use painting tape and make your own stain glass design and mark spaces their designated colors to achieve your own modernized masterpiece. 

Patio Projects 

I’m sure we’re all ready to be outside, but not really ready to be outside, so the patio is the next best thing. If you haven’t already, spruce your patio up with a nice little garden and a built in reading nook. You can either measure your designated space and purchase the wood to build a little bench, or you can purchase one that happens to be the dimensions you need. Once you’ve put your bench in you can add cushions to the top, or if you’re an upholstery whiz, go all out! It’s a nice touch as well to instill a privacy curtain that drapes over, especially if you’re in an apartment. Feel free to make it your own with candles and anything else create your own little dedicated relaxation space/nook.

Kitchen Back-splash

This project is more geared towards our more experienced DIY folks, but it’s seriously not too hard with a little direction. Once again, there are hundreds of tutorials online, so just check out a few and see if you can phantom yourself diving into this project. There are quite a few steps that involve mortar and laying the actual tiles, among other things, but if you plan ahead and take your time your new kitchen is going to look amazing! Not to mention, you’ll beam with pride when someone compliments your new kitchen look. 

Kid’s Room

Have you been meaning to jazz up your kiddo’s room, but fall short of ideas they’ll actually like? Well, checkout those huge sticker decals you can order to place on the kids walls to create the mural of their choice. Whether you have a Star Wars fan or a Frozen fan, you can find some ideas to jump start the redecorating process. Once you’ve got the humongous statement pieces on the wall all you have to do is get a matching comforter, couple pillows, and maybe a lamp, and you’re golden! Your kid is going to do a back flip once they see their new room. 

These are just a few ways to kill the boredom and put some work in around the house. There are literally thousands of DIY home improvement ideas you can try. Take a peek around the web to get some ideas and start off slow so you don’t turn it into something you despise. If you’re going to be at home even more than ever, you’d better make it magical!