How to Choose THC E-Liquid for Vaping

There are a lot of THC e-liquid options that you can try. But how are you going to choose if you plan to change your vape liquid this time?

There are several factors that you need to consider before buying one. Whether you are preparing your own e-juice at home or purchasing, you need to be equipped with some basic knowledge about the THC e liquid.

1) The type of effect that you want to achieve

One factor that you may consider is the type of effect that you want to achieve from the e-liquid. Are you vaping marijuana for therapy, to cure a disease, relieve anxiety or pain, or merely as a form of recreation?

THC liquids can’t be easily ordered online. It is illegal to purchase it over the web is it’s not legal in your state. For you to use it, you need to have a medical marijuana card or live in a state where it is lawful to use marijuana.

You can prepare your own marijuana liquid at home using one of these: wax, shatter, buddha, or honey oil.

2) Flavor

You need to make flavor an important factor when buying e-liquids. There are a lot of flavors available in the market today, such as candy, fruity, cocktails, and tobacco blends.

New users prefer buying tobacco blends that taste like their favorite cigarette brand. Manufacturers produce this flavor because more users like buying e liquids with this flavor.

There are also flavors that mimic the flavor of your favorite food like pizza, cake, or wafer. Fruity flavors are also available such as mango, watermelon, grapes, and apple.

Mixed and cocktail flavors are also available. There is wine, beer, and brandy flavors. Consider your taste before ordering an e-liquid.

3) VG/ PG Content

Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), or both of these compounds can be the main base of your e-liquid. You need to be aware of their properties because their content can impact your vaping.

VG has a sweet taste, more viscous, and produces massive vapor. PG gives more flavor than vapor.

You can purchase e-liquids with all-VG, all-PG, or containing both the compounds. Commercial e-liquids usually contain a 40:60 ratio of PG: VG.

Some people can have an allergy to PG. People experiencing hives, or difficulty in breathing while vaping e-juice containing PG only or a PG/VG mix should shift to all-VG or use a liquid with a ratio of 80 percent VG and 20 percent PG.

4) Buy from a trusted source

Since vaping e-liquids are not yet strictly regulated, many manufacturers do not follow the right practices. Buying from unreliable sources can put you at risk.

First, you don’t know the content of the e-liquid you’re buying. You are not aware of the process of extraction done that can be associated with the toxic ingredients found in the e-juice.

There are reported cases of users with serious lung diseases that can be linked to vaping. Using e-liquids from illegal manufacturers can pose danger to your health.

5) Cost

There are a lot of e-liquids available in the market. Ensure that you choose the one that matches your buying capacity, lifestyle or medical needs.

Preparing your own weed liquid is one way to ensure that you know what you’re vaping. These days, many users prepare their own THC liquid at home.

There are many advantages to preparing your own e-liquid. Since you know what goes inside your e-liquid, you have control over it. You know that it is safer and purer. You can check terpenes for sale.

You can save a lot in the long run if you prepare your own THC juice because you get more than when you buy a pre-filled cartridge. However, beginners should never try this alone.

The process of extracting substances from cannabis is complicated. It should be done carefully to avoid the toxic substances that should be eliminated in the process.

Whether you buy or prepare your own e-liquid, vaping e-juice should be handled with care. Since e-juice is liquid, it comes in a more concentrated form.

It can get into your bloodstream and brain cells faster than when you smoke weed. Do not consume too much THC liquid because it can endanger your health.

THC provides a psychoactive effect. It can provide a much stronger high, especially for beginners. New users should never experiment with it because it can cause fainting and paranoia.