New Ideas To Add To Custom Invites

The digital age has made sharing invites and thank you letters easier than ever before with a wide variety of new custom capabilities that have not been available previously. There are many new tips, tools, and techniques that are guaranteed to add an additional sugar and spice to your custom invitation or thank you letter as well as personal greeting cards as well as wedding thank you cards. Knowing about these capabilities can help you prepare and provide quality custom cards and set your occasion apart more than ever before.

Custom Color Options

Colors can often times be used to amplify or highlight a particular meaning with an invitation or greeting card that often times selected to be appropriate for the occasion. Being able to select from a wide variety of colors is going to be one advantage of using a professional custom card and invite platform than a platform that only provides pre-designed cards. This is one way to highlight and distinguish your event or thank you note from others in a creative way.

Custom Address Capturing

Another major feature that is available today is the ability to print addresses professionally on the card in order to make it more professional in its preparation and delivery. Losing cards due to mistaken addresses or unidentifiable handwriting is a thing of the past with custom address capturing services available today which is one capability that has not always been available in the past. Taking advantage of these capabilities is going to set apart an invite or thank you card significantly from others.

Foil and Custom Accessory Options

Basic cards are now able to be enhanced with foil and accessory options that are much more readily available and applicable than ever before. No longer do cards have to be basic and 2 dimensional. The ability to create custom cards with foil and custom accessory options has created a new dimension to the invite and thank you card which is another major feature that should be considered.


Custom coloring and features are one way to set apart an invitation or customized thank you cards which is one of the main reasons people are using professional custom card platforms to create and send their cards. Basic Invite is now offering 15% off with their cupon code 15FF51