Easy Tricks to Make Your New Car Last Longer

Getting a new car is a huge responsibility. There are so many things that can go wrong in the first few years in which you hopefully have a warranty for. Not many drivers are thinking about how to take care of their car and just take it to the mechanic once a year for a routine checkup. This is good but mechanics aren’t going to take apart your engine to see if something needs replacing unless you truly know your car well enough. There are certain things you can do which will lead to a longer lasting car.

Break the car in for the first 1000 kilometers

When you get that new car it can be extremely harmful to drive it roughly. The pistons need to be broken in for those first thousand kilometers. A few years ago I had a friend that blew the engine on his brand new Suburu Sti because he was a little to excited to become Dale Ernhardt Jr. If he let the car break in first then he would not of had to sell it to ultra car removal in Perth. While it is a great service he was devastated to let that beautiful car go.

Oil Changes Save Vehicles

The engine is made up of hundreds of parts which all need to be lubricated at all times to avoid any damages. As you start driving dust, and debris can get inside from the roads which makes the oil less viable so that is the reason on why it is always recommended that you get the oil change every five-thousand kilometers. You would be shocked at how much money this can save you on future repairs.

Do Not Let it Sit For Days

If you are going on a trip that is going to be longer than a month, or you have more than one car and know that you’re not going to use the new one frequently make sure you start the engine at least once a week. This allows the battery to stay charged and keeps the oil running through your engine. This is extremely important in the winter. I have heard so many stories about engines breaking from not letting the car warm up in the winter and driving it to hard.

Many exotic car owners have a nice setup where there batteries are constantly being charged and started every few days. Cars like that are not meant to be daily driven so they take extra precautions to keep the car in great shape. Repairs for exotic cars come at a very high premium.

Overall it’s truly the little things that keep your car healthy and ready to hit 200,000 kilometers.